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Map & Access

Santorini Hotel Katerina's Castle is located on the cliff of Imerovigli village.


How will you arrive here?

a) by private transfer

Inform us and we will pick up you from the port/airport. There is a small fee.


b) by taxi

You can take a taxi - Just tell the taxi-driver to drive you to Hotel Katerina's Castle.


c) by bus

Take the local bus from the airport/port to Fira (cost 1.60€) which runs very frequently. The bus will drive you to Fira’s central bus station. Then you can take the bus which runs to Imerovigli (runs every 45-60 min. cost 1.60€)

*It is very handy to have a copy of the santorini buses schedule (from ) or write down all the departure times and keep it with you, so you know when the bus will come.

*From the airport, the bus does not run on a regular basis and may only run every few hours (i.e. 7:30am, 11am, etc). The bus schedule is posted outside the airport and just before the exit.


d) by your car or santorini rent a car

You should follow the main road (either you are arriving at the airport/port) to Fira, the Capital of Santorini. Imerovigli is about 2km after Fira.


When you will arrive to Imerovigli, you have to go to the highest point/spot of the village at Malteza church / Malteza square. Santorini Hotel Katerina's Castle is the 1st hotel, if you look west, 20m walking by foot.





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Hotel Katerina's Castle

Imerovigli - Santorini Island

Zip Code 84700, PO Box 32

Tel: +30 22860 23111, 22708

Fax: +30 22860 22014